Vivek Bansal Data Engineer

My Expertise

Hacking. Mapping. Doing my part.

Data Nerd

I'm a data nerd! I started out studying insurance mathematics and economics but became enthralled to our crazy modern world of big data, statistics, and machine learning. I have pretty solid experience in R, Python/Pandas, GIS, and many flavors of databases.


I enjoy software development from backend scripting to web development. I started to become serious about development when I was learning about Hadoop and Cassandra, which led me to Linux and AWS, which snowballed into javascript, Google cloud, etc. My philosophy is to find the simplest solution for the problem i'm facing so other people can understand what i'm doing.


I'm usually doing too much. In my spare time I'm Co-Captain of Code for San Jose. I want to make available a space in civic tech where people can bring and incubate their ideas and hopefully help people. I'm also very passionate about OpenStreetMap.

Featured Projects


OSM Pedestrian Network

  • Python/GIS/Docker
  • JOSM/ID Editor
  • Community Organizing

Led a project to import sidewalks across all of San Jose into OSM to create a pedestrian network.

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Managed Lanes and Toll Feed Specification

  • Python/Flask/Javascript
  • Api design
  • AWS

Our team created one of the first open APIs and data standards for managed lanes. We based the API around the GBFS.

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